coffeebean1.gif (1311 bytes)MicroCafé® is an e-Commerce web based  Café. It includes a  extranet network site and a intranet network within a warehouse in Montreal metropolitan area. It could be considered as a second generation of an Internet-Café. Today, the extranet is partially working. It is also known as an Online Wi-Fi Café.

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802.11 a/b/g/n/300






  Access Card to --[ Le-MicroCaféServer© ]--


The Membership is  mandatory to get full access to all options on MicroCaféServer©. It is also a point-of-sale to purchase software and computer equipments. Members could be within the comfort of their home or within MicroCafé® and have the same access and environment giving them possibility to meet their colleagues. This shared environment increase team synergy. MicroCafé® is build for the active wired person, professionals on road, and it is based on teleworkers' principles. It includes the following functions and team activities to create a group fraternity:


It is a physical Coffee Shop (not open yet) seen as a satellite office for the teleworker. General public sees it at a place to relax and take a MicroCafé® with friends. It is also a Coffee Shop's place to frequent. We could be a customer Member and become a customer later on.

Té-qui-là® A person, a company, an event, an activity, an artist, a group, an organization, a meeting which need a conmercial exposure to promote theirs business activities through  press releases, ads, annoncements or any others forms of communication to celebrate the situation.

It is a cup of coffee plain or special in-house specialty.

MicroCafé® Té-qui-là

It is an in-house alcoholized cup of coffee specialty, a "Real" wake-up.

BeeCool (tm)

An animated Bee, a mascot to BeeCool with...

Internet It is a public web based network connection to access public domain names, web pages and documentation.  

It is a private web based network using the internet with an user-id and a password to Le-MicroCaféServer©. We must be a Customer Member. We are a remote user to Le-MicroCaféServer© and a customer to Le-MicroCafé®.. 


It is a private network within MicroCafé® with a fast direct access to Le-MicroCaféServer©. We are a Real Customer within MicroCafé® atmosphere.


It is an arrays of computers servers within MicroCafé® that act as a virtual agent, an automated system, a remote humanized slave machine with user-friendly commands at the request and services of the user. 

A bilingual printed 8x17" b/w format small magazine in limited edition and also web published covering different subjects on Le-Micro-Management® in general giving a framework for the teleworkers. It includes La-MicroSection, ads, articles, etc.

We look forward to host your business at MicroCafé®. The more contributions and support as customer we get from you, giving us ours task-force and leverage, the more chance we have to open sooner MicroCafé® intranet to public. The membership is a good way to keep your privilege as a future customer. Please help us by participating in our Té-qui-là® Events - Activities and support our general notoriety and publicity. Please, help us to help you.


Le-Bureau-Office  is  a shared Office within Le-MicroCaféServer©. Some tools such as Microsoft Office are common and shared within CustomerMembers. Members can have access to a reserved disk space from their home, on road, or within MicroCafé® intranet.

Le-Lounge (mc) is a relaxing place within MicroCafé® with a nice atmosphere of Le-JukeBox in the same time of taking a good MicroCafé®, espresso, cappuccino, herbal tea, cigarettes, cigars. This is the place for the experts and intellectuals of different subjects !!! 

La-PauseCafé is oriented to a common outside activity of MicroCafé® for an event, an outdoor activity, a night-show to take advantage of a group rate and to help break the loneness circle. By sharing a common interest within friends or as a couple, the activity is the primary interest within the Montreal metropolitan area. Discussions within friends may become «real» by breaking the Té-qui-là® Ice and by attending to La-PauseCafé Té-qui-là® !

Le-JukeBox  is a midi player for the extranet network which is mostly instrumental music. The public files are smaller and could be easily transportable on the web to listen at the same time as chatting, reading or surfing the web with a good MicroCafé®. The music choice is personal. At MicroCafé® intranet network, files are much bigger such as MP3 files types, videos, DVD.

Le-Brunch is generally an outside activity to MicroCafé® and oriented to meet people for a breakfast-lunch with themes and demos. Le-Brunch Té-qui-là (tm) ads could be published among the Montreal Metropolitan newspapers. A good way to exchange ideas with coworkers. By breaking the Té-qui-là® Ice, Dating could become a "RendezVous" by attending to Le-Brunch Té-qui-là ! This is an ideal activity for singles and couples in a relaxing mood !

Le-Chat-Online is a chat room under the server. We invite you to come "to chat" with us under this Chat Room dedicate to friendly business discussions within the Montreal metropolitan area. The average age is 20 to 40 years old, however everyone is welcome. This is a discussion link between the MicroCafé® Intranet customer" and MicroCafé® extranet customer" and with non-members.

Les-Partys is the release of your personality from work by attending to a BBQ party, a birthday party or by going out to a Club - Bar within the Montreal metropolitan area. The Té-qui-là® parties involve important events. Alcohol and stress release are the subject of discussion !!!

Le-LiveMusic (mc) Is a stream ambience music from MicroCafé® broadcast in mode "MP3 stream" format. You need to install or have previously installed a MP3 or "WinAmp" player on your computer. Please note, La-PauseCafé Té-qui-là® will be broadcast in "Remote Mode" soon with a Web-Radio-Live. 

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